Completed It

Today marks one year* since I opened a WordPress account†. I have had to pay a substantial amount to keep this alive, so here’s to year number two!

Something you may now start to notice is the ads. Now don’t get me wrong, I HATE adverts. But. Money doesn’t grow on trees in my back garden so I have to try using other avenues. Sadly, if the ads ever do generate any revenue, it will only be spent on petrol. I have, on several occasions, suggested that the ambulance trust could give us students fuel cards, I’m quite sure you can imagine what they said…

Yesterday and today have been days of torrential downpours and generally miserable weather. Nonetheless, the sun is now out. Convenient. I think I’ll grant the dogs wish and take him for a walkies.

* This is what the title refers to – completing a year.

† Properly, at least. I’m sure I probably thought I could use this platform as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme once or twice in the past!


Corfu [Day Seven]

Final day in Corfu.
I’m feeling drained and eager to see my family again; the sun definitely takes it out of you.

Breakfast at a taverna in Pelekas, served with a very good cappuccino. This was followed by browsing the touristy shops. Bought my Mum a lovely handmade necklace.

Back for two more (each) pork gyros today, they’re not bad for only €2.80 a pop!

Spent some time wandering around the small back-streets of Pelekas in the blistering mid-day sun; a lady waters her plants and mops in sync.

I think I’m going to read for a bit as I feel like being particularly lazy this afternoon†.

Played a few card games and finished packing, which was a bit of a tight squeeze into our 20kg hold luggage – the old, analog scales say that it weighs only 16kg, but I’m a little sceptical.

The pork we had planned to eat for tea had gone bad, as did the chicken a few days prior – not hugely impressed. Salami, cheese and red onion toasties instead, with very miniature chips which we deep fried in the remaining olive oil – very nice.

Took a short walk to the crossroads (just down from the apartment) to find the woman selling oranges, unfortunately she was not there tonight‡.

My girlfriend found out about my blog tonight. I think she likes it, and is inspired to create her own!

Some card games to follow this evening, and then an early night.

† I was actually too lazy to even read.
‡ We had planned to make orange juice to drink tomorrow morning, the morning we leave.

Bioluminescent Jelly

In only a couple of weeks, for the first time EVER in 21 years, I am going on holiday. I’m going to Corfu with my girlfriend. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, however, I am not entirely sure what to pack, other than my passport and EHIC card.

*Opens Google in a new tab*


Another beach day today. It would be fair enough to say that I am a little burnt, but not too bad (especially in comparison to some of the grockels* who look like ripened tomatoes).

In the sea at the moment, and every other year recently come to think of it, are small jellyfish-like creatures called “Ctenophoroa”. These particularly impress me as they are bioluminescent, and shimmer all the colours of the rainbow in the bright sun. I will attach a picture below (not mine).

Ctenophora [Alexander Semenov]
Ctenophora [Alexander Semenov]

Aftersun (Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing) liberally applied and I am off to sleep.

Sun and The Great British Takeaway

Woke up late – annoying (I don’t like wasting time).

Decided to entertain the suggestion of smashing golf balls into oblivion at the local driving range with my brother and a friend. At first, I was sceptical as to how much (or little) fun this would be – turns out, quite a lot. Later, we went into Woolacombe (a local village where I grew up), the sun was out and I was amazed by how clear and calm the sea was. Some locals are not impressed, however, as usually the spin-off with good weather is no surf.

Barricane Beach


Started a new job after this at 1600 at a local fish and chip shop run by friends. I’m not entirely familiar with their parents, so the first thing I do is introduce my self with “Hey, I’m James, you must be Jo” (names changed for confidentiality). “No, no, I’m Laura”.

Excellent, well done.


I’ve been home for a couple of days. I’m now slightly bored and on the job hunt. I am hugely excited to be home, non the less.

My provisional (unratified) grades are out, I have passed the year with a 1st. I have worked hard, however, and expected nothing less 😂!

Mum has tasked me to get an old car running, an 05 plate Corsa. It needs a new battery, a leak identifying and fixing and some wiper blades. Hopefully I will be able to run it about after that (and it will be more economic) 🤞🏽.

Updates to follow.


The engine light on my dashboard recently turned on… coincidence?!

15/06/18 – 23:25