Corfu [Day Six]

No alarm this morning. Woke naturally at 0940 ish.
Reading some more of Do No Harm†, I was intrigued by some of the ethical and moral decisions medical doctors have to make. The book seems to be ever more increasing my desire to study postgraduate medicine after my paramedics’ degree – surgery or general medicine are the specialities I feel like I would like to pursue at current.

I am sat on the balcony, overlooking a ebbing greenery that is, however, unfortunately almost entirely obscured by the fruitful orange and kumquat trees that are in abundance out here in Corfu. Today is more cloudy than the other days have been, but this is nice, as it gives intermittent breaks to the intense sun.

The days coming to an end, as darkness sets in slightly earlier than in the UK. The past few evenings have been cool, a welcomed change.

Spent today at the apartment, packing and tidying, finishing the last of the food bought throughout the week and enjoying the local vicinity.

An evening walk took us to Pelekas once again, we had pork gyros (pronounced jgyros – I didn’t know) and a Mythos beer to share. I bought a leather wallet and an alligator skin key-holster‡.

I write the last of this in the 30 minutes me and my girlfriend set aside for some ‘alone time’.


† If you have an interest in healthcare, this book is really very eye-opening, and I would definitely recommend a read (it was actually suggested on the reading list for the ‘Professional Judgement’ module of my paramedic degree).
‡ I have a bit of a leather obsession. I do disagree with killing animals for their hide, but what’s done is done. I look after my leather belongings well and with great care; this justifies it, for me, at least.


Back to the grind…

Today’s the last of three days off, but non the less, I am excited to return to work (I am not being paid, and I don’t mind; however, it would be nice to have a fuel reimbursement, as I spend £66 to travel a mere 280 miles – or perhaps a new, more efficient car – I live in hope).

A busy few days, which is good – I tend to go a bit mad if I am not constantly occupied. I’ve written to my grandparents (mum’s side), seen my girlfriend for her birthday (and made her a lemon cake), had my hair cut, done plenty of house work (the other two do absolutely sod all – bone idle), packed up the large majority of my room and been into the city to buy a new book (to read for pleasure – I cannot be dealing with anymore textbooks this year).

I’ve had some module feedback too.

Exam: 80%

Essay: 96%

Therefore, I’m relatively pleased with myself.


Sleep time now – up at 0400 tomorrow – I’m on the day shift.


Hello all,

My apologies for failing to fit in a post yesterday.

A quick update today. As of the 31st July, my offer to study Paramedic Science at Oxford Brookes University went unconditional, and therefore I will commence study on the 18th September!

Here’s to three years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, vomit, urine, the lot, you name it.

Thank you all for following me thus far!

– J




So, I’m starting a blog as part of a personal ‘journal’ I can look back on in the future, but also, for YOU to enjoy. I hope to highlight highs and lows, daily life, notable events and various other elements of studying at university at Oxford to become a paramedic and enter the world of the Great British Emergency Services.


I hope you all enjoy following my journey.