Corfu [Day Two]

Today I woke up at 0830, had eggs on toast and half a chocolate croissant for breakfast and took to the road.

We walked to the bus stop (approx. 5 minutes from here) and waited for over half an hour; no buses. Eventually, we got fed up and hitched a lift with a local to the airport where we tried and failed to hire a car (I’m 21, and their insurances only cover >23).

We asked a local coach driver where we could hire a quad bike, he told us the port. We asked for directions and set off. He then picked us up 5 minutes later, as he was actually driving there and had forgotten at the time that we asked. We tried and failed again to hire a car – I’m quite tenacious. Finally, just as we were about to give up, a kind lady hired us a car for €140 for four days, with €1000 excess if it’s damaged.

Driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, in the wrong direction was a daunting experience and I got quite stressed as I had no idea where I was going. I also don’t like the fact that petrol is pumped for you – I like to do things my self.

Tonight’s plans are to visit local beaches near Pelekas and watch the sunset.

[Updates may follow].


Back to the grind…

Today’s the last of three days off, but non the less, I am excited to return to work (I am not being paid, and I don’t mind; however, it would be nice to have a fuel reimbursement, as I spend £66 to travel a mere 280 miles – or perhaps a new, more efficient car – I live in hope).

A busy few days, which is good – I tend to go a bit mad if I am not constantly occupied. I’ve written to my grandparents (mum’s side), seen my girlfriend for her birthday (and made her a lemon cake), had my hair cut, done plenty of house work (the other two do absolutely sod all – bone idle), packed up the large majority of my room and been into the city to buy a new book (to read for pleasure – I cannot be dealing with anymore textbooks this year).

I’ve had some module feedback too.

Exam: 80%

Essay: 96%

Therefore, I’m relatively pleased with myself.


Sleep time now – up at 0400 tomorrow – I’m on the day shift.


Hello, all!

Today, I have spent much of the day outside in the rain. I do a lot of practical jobs around the house for my Mum – I suppose this is what a Father should be doing if I had one (living at home). I think it’s fair to say that, by twenty-years-old, not many young men or women have built deckings, shower-rooms, garage to bedroom conversions, studio(music) desks, etc. I try to avoid pride, however, the skills that I have learnt, and then utilised, do make me proud. Back to what I was going to say, I have been clearing large, very soggy, parts of a tree trunk. [I’ll attach a couple of photos].



Within the past week, we’ve had more dealings with the Police than most people would hope to have in their lives; but that’s OK, because, I think the Police are great (in general).  The most notable event would be my 16-year-old brother, along with three friends (ages 15-16), stealing a car, driving it at speeds exceeding 100mph and then getting out to beat-up a gentleman who was trying to stop them. As this is currently being investigated, I should probably not say much more, other than the fact that, of course, this is very wrong.


I hope to find some more things soon that may be interesting.

As always, thanks for reading!

– J