Sun and The Great British Takeaway

Woke up late – annoying (I don’t like wasting time).

Decided to entertain the suggestion of smashing golf balls into oblivion at the local driving range with my brother and a friend. At first, I was sceptical as to how much (or little) fun this would be – turns out, quite a lot. Later, we went into Woolacombe (a local village where I grew up), the sun was out and I was amazed by how clear and calm the sea was. Some locals are not impressed, however, as usually the spin-off with good weather is no surf.

Barricane Beach


Started a new job after this at 1600 at a local fish and chip shop run by friends. I’m not entirely familiar with their parents, so the first thing I do is introduce my self with “Hey, I’m James, you must be Jo” (names changed for confidentiality). “No, no, I’m Laura”.

Excellent, well done.