Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

UK statistics
> In 30% of cardiac arrest cases, resuscitative efforts are terminated at scene.
> For those who make it to hospital, resuscitation is terminated in two-thirds of the remaining 70% of patients.
> Once in hospital, of the 23% of cases who initially survive, only approximately half leave hospital alive.

This means that only 1 in 10 survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).

Every year, in England, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is attempted in approximately 30,000 OHCA. However, these mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grannies, grandads, husbands, wives, lovers and friends have almost a 0% chance of survival if NO bystander CPR is attempted.

So, what?

YOU can make a difference.
Current evidence suggests that only 30-40% of bystanders make any effort to resuscitate someone who they witnessed to have a cardiac arrest. YOU can change this.
Countless studies have demonstrated, time and time again, that bystander CPR, regardless of its efficacy, is positively correlated with improved survival statistics.

CPR is NOT difficult.
You are not going to do any further harm, by performing CPR, to anyone who is already clinically dead – but you could make a huge difference.
Ask your school to include it in their curriculum.
Search “how to do CPR” on YouTube, and watch a 4 minute video.
Know where your nearest defibrillator is!


Evidence can be supplied to those who wish to view.


Making Money

Haven’t posted here in some time, since back from Corfu, I believe. So much for writing a post a day to improve my literacy skills…

Today is dull and gloomy, with a light drizzle that slowly, but surely, moistens one’s clothes; to the point where I can no longer tell whether it is sweat or just rain.

Start the morning well by making £90 on a toaster that was pulled from a skip. Not any old toaster, mind you. A six slice, Dualit. Polished stainless steel with white ends. Very nice. A bit of Brasso and oven cleaner later and I have a toaster that looks as good as new, and works well too. Thank you.

Over the years I have fixed many an iPhone. Usually, this consists purely of screen replacements. However, I have also replaced batteries and charging ports too, with a 100% success rate. Obviously, mum thinks I should become a surgeon. The point is that I have four or five old iPhones, from the 4S to 6S hanging around in my ‘man draws’. I think I will try to sell some of these too, only for parts, of course.

Of to Screwfix now, a shop that I actually quite enjoy being in. It’s simple, there is enough space for everybody and I merely have to write down what I want, instead of trying to have to explain. Buying sash locks and a new chisel, to prepare to be an Airbnb host.

My amazing girlfriend bought me a tent recently, too. I have not yet found a suitable opportunity to put it up. Hopefully, I will find some time today. I am really excited!

In other news:

  • The local CFR scheme may be getting a ‘high visibility’ vehicle, basically a car that looks like a fast response ambulance, without the lights and sirens.
  • I still have heard nothing from the NHSBT team regarding the stem-cell donation that I was found as a potential match for.
  • Locals say that the weather is going to be amazing this coming Weds, Thurs and Friday in North Devon.


Hello all,

My apologies for failing to fit in a post yesterday.

A quick update today. As of the 31st July, my offer to study Paramedic Science at Oxford Brookes University went unconditional, and therefore I will commence study on the 18th September!

Here’s to three years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, vomit, urine, the lot, you name it.

Thank you all for following me thus far!

– J