Corfu [Day One]

In an ideal world, this would have been posted yesterday.


Today I left the country (UK) for the first time in my mere 21 years.

Woke up at 0340, left at 0410, arrived at Bristol airport at 0510, checked in at 0515, on the plane by 0615, took off at 0645 and arrived in Corfu at 0940 (1140 local time).

Take off and landing experiences were great, I actually enjoyed this. I was impressed with the velocity of acceleration of the Airbus A321. In-flight turning made me a little nauseous *tablespoon of cement and harden the f**k up*.

Staying in an Airbnb, our host picked us up for €15, he also stopped off at a local supermarket on the way!

After settling in, we walked approx. 15 minutes to the local village of Pelekas and then decided to carry on up the hill another 20 minutes to the Kaisers throne (I highly recommend visiting, if you go to Corfu).

[Photos to follow when WiFi improves]

Chicken and rice for dinner.

In the evening, we walked for about 45 minutes in one direction to try to find shops but to no avail. We decided we really needed a hire car.