The tax man is at it again.

A busy few days recently.

Tues 31st July

Off to Wokingham on the train costing a staggering £43 just for a single! Purpose: to pick up a new car. Not actually new, but new to me nonetheless. A BMW 118d 2.0L turbo charged boasting a combined 50MPG†. Quite an enjoyable outing – made easier by the fact that I do rather like train travel. All was great, apart from the fact that I had to tax the vehicle on the 31st, meaning the tax was effective as of 1st July; I had to pay a month of tax for a vehicle I had only owned for 20 minutes.

Weds 1st August

Spent the morning with my girlfriend. We enjoyed a lovely walk surrounded by water, a canal on one side, the Severn on the other. I drove home and made good time, 2 hours and 6 mins for 129 miles. The rest of the day was dedicated to jet-washing, rotary buffing and polishing the new car. I think I took Rex for a walk in the evening.

Thurs 2nd August

I spent the morning cleaning the interior. Early afternoon saw a trip to a neighbouring village to see a mate for a couple hours. Back at home the grandparents had arrived to see the new car. Fortunately, they liked it very much, and were pleased for me. I took them to look around the exterior of a potential property for them to consider. As they’re getting older and more frail it has been deemed appropriate for them to downsize to a more manageable property, with easier access. I then took them around the local park. The locals clearly put in a lot of time and effort into the maintenance and appearance of the grounds as they’re really beautifully planted. No walk for Rex this evening; however, I did acquire him a tennis ball from the park, which has four, large, tennis courts.

Friday 3rd August

Today was shocking, a really miserable day. The night before, the kitchen sink trap had broken free of the basket strainer that had been silicones into the old Belfast sink. Sometimes, plumbing is enjoyable, however, when you’re dealing with years work of stinking grot that comes out of a bottle trap, it really isn’t. All of this was made worse by the fact I had bought the wrong trap replacement in the first instance, I needed a 40mm, not 32mm. The Screwfix catalogue suggested 32mm for sinks and basins, whilst the 40mm for urinals, so it was fair to presume that 32mm would be right. The plastic basket strainer then broke as I tightened the screw. For fuck sake. Back in the car to the local plumbing centre to try to explain to the confused counter assistant what I wanted (I didn’t know, at the time, that the plug construction was called a basket strainer.

Saturday 4th August

Not helping Mum clean today. Instead I am sat in a hot gazebo, in the middle of a field, waiting for something to do – essentially waiting for someone to become ill. Oh well, I’m being paid, so I can’t complain. I am working 12 noon ‘til 12 midnight, so Rex shalln’t be in receipt of a walk tonight.

† Whilst I appreciate that this is not actually that high for these days, my old vehicle returned a nice 33MPG!!


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