Completed It

Today marks one year* since I opened a WordPress account†. I have had to pay a substantial amount to keep this alive, so here’s to year number two!

Something you may now start to notice is the ads. Now don’t get me wrong, I HATE adverts. But. Money doesn’t grow on trees in my back garden so I have to try using other avenues. Sadly, if the ads ever do generate any revenue, it will only be spent on petrol. I have, on several occasions, suggested that the ambulance trust could give us students fuel cards, I’m quite sure you can imagine what they said…

Yesterday and today have been days of torrential downpours and generally miserable weather. Nonetheless, the sun is now out. Convenient. I think I’ll grant the dogs wish and take him for a walkies.

* This is what the title refers to – completing a year.

† Properly, at least. I’m sure I probably thought I could use this platform as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme once or twice in the past!


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