Corfu [Day Four]

Today started with some angry house-mates; we broke a glass the night before, and so some glass must have remained in the matt, as one of them cut their foot†. Pork belly and eggs for breakfast, with a glass of apple, apricot and peach ‘nectar’ to wash it all down.

We left at 1036 for Sidari, a town in the north of Corfu island; €20 of petrol in the tank and we left. The drive took us meandering up and down the mountain-side, through rural villages and deserted, old, hotels – it was actually quite beautiful. At times I got slightly stressed out, as both Google’s and Apple’s maps navigation systems could not keep up with the car’s positioning – I presume the GPS signal is not the strongest in these areas? Parked up for free (I note as this is extraordinarily rare in England) and went to peruse through the high street, full of fake designer t-shirts and colognes.

Lunch was a combo platter of steak, ribs and chicken breast, served with chips and a well-seasoned salad and grilled halloumi.

We drove to the Canal D’Amour, planning to swim, but the wind had picked up considerably throughout the day and made the sea quite rough‡. After a short time here we drove home.

Spanish style tomato-chicken for dinner.


† We did, however, to make an effort to thoroughly clear up.
‡ I would have gone in the sea, but I don’t think it was safe for my girlfriend.


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