Corfu [Day Five]

Disturbed at 0600 by alarm, only to go back to sleep for an hour and wake again at 0700 (we did intend to get up early; but, you know…).

Final day with the car, so had to make the most of it. Spent the early hours of the morning walking along one of Pelekas’ beaches and taking some obligatory photos. Drove home to have two egg and cheese toasties for breakfast – actually quite nice – and pack for the day in town.

Visited Corfu town again today, to look around the market and return the car. It turns out that pestering and giving away free samples really does help when selling your products†. I bought some amazing, hand pressed, olive oil and some honey too.

Lunch at ‘The Big Apple’, a sort of Greek fast-food restaurant – they call themselves a grill house. The food was actually very good, including the price; two chicken Souvlaki’s, a mango iced tea and a bowl of fries for just €8.40.

Acquired some ‘sliders’ for €3 (even though they were price marked €5) from the China export shop‡. Drove home again to empty the car and leave all the heavy stuff there. Left again to return the car and head to the beach.

Returning the car was far less stressful than I had imagined. I thought they would come up with some crazy excuse that I had damaged it and charge me €1000.00. In reality, I handed over the keys, the woman checked the odometer and returned inside, looked at me as if I had two heads and then said: “that’s it, thanks”.


Went in the extremely salty sea once more, bathed in the sun and got the bus home (not too bad of an experience).

Cheese and tomato toasties for dinner.

An early night and lie in is due.


† Don’t be a twat, though.
‡ I can’t slate, as I’m actually really happy with them.


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