Nothing particularly notable has happened today, and thus I am not quite sure what to write about.

However, a though had occurred to me earlier on whilst mowing the lawn. This thought was about defiance in kids, so parents, listen up! I was never really a 'good' kid; I would swear at teachers from about year 5 onwards, I would kick up a fuss if something didn't go my way. I was rude, naughty, arrogant, the 'class clown' and most of all defiant.

So, why is this interesting, you ask? Well, although I am now a largely changed person, one thing has stuck with me – perseverance (which I believe stemmed from my defiance). Now, if I want something, I will get it (wherever reasonable). I don't let obstacles stop me from achieving academically, personally, emotionally etc. I was told I'd never achieve much, never be happy, I would never fit in, yet, I live a very happy life, am about to embark on a three year degree to become a paramedic, have many friends and have achieved a great lot in my mere twenty years.

So, parents, teachers, carers, do not be disheartened if your child gives you a difficult time because I bet you they'll grow up to be strong individuals who can think on their own two feet, have good morals, who are respectful and who will preserve and strive to achieve their dreams.

I hope someone finds this interesting, or may be able to relate with me?

Thanks for reading!



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